5 am on duty

Sound the alarm!
Sound the alarm!
There’s a rumbly monster outside!

It’s getting nearer.
Stand guard!

It’s getting closer.
Louder now!

It’s coming for us!

Bark Attack!

It’s passing us!
We’ve got it running for cover!

You better keep going you yellow-bellied giantly rumbler!

Our alarm has worked!
We have protected our people!
Now we can return to sleep.
or maybe a good bone would be better.

Yes! I could go for a good gnaw.
That monster got me all worked up.
This bone will get me all worked down.

Just gnaw, gnaw, gnaw
now grind, grind, grind.

Now the other side.
gnaw, gnaw, gnaw
grind, grind, grind

OOH! Sue’s eyes are open.
but she’s not blinking.
she’s just staring
at me.

I better make sure
she’s alive.
She’s not moving.
I think I’ll go sniff her.

Her eyes are following me!
She’s alive!

I bet she’s proud
of the  way
I kept
the rumbly monster away.

Now she’ll give me
the best good morning scratch

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