How Do I Remember?

Do I read Jack Higgins
so our finger prints touch 
and imaginations connect
in a time and space with fewer rules,
where a piece of you may linger still?

Do I listen to Johnny Cash
while making biscuits and gravy
recalling the line you walked
sometimes a little askew?

Should I play practical jokes,
fill my banter with believable B.S.?
I would if I could,
but I didn't get those genes.

I'll look at some pictures, cry a little,
wear your sweater, have some sweets.
Then I'll squeeze in too much today
so you can say, like you often did,
"Stop burning the candle at both ends."

When it comes down to it
If I keep my people close
I'm remembering you
Everything else is just gravy
on top of 'taters beside a good steak.

©2021 Sue Santiago all rights reserved
He may or may not have been trying to sneak our puppy home with him.

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