the writer & sometimes poet.

What am I doing????

Sitting outside of a bistro eating my french onion soup and sipping a glass of red wine, I was romanced by the folk french music playing a stone’s throw away on the edge of a park in Old Quebec City.

I took out a pad of paper and a pen and wrote unashamedly! Without a doubt they were the worst words ever strung together in an effort to write what eventually became my first novel.

Blogging, researching, writing, editing, revising, critiquing, submitting, coping, growing, imagining, listening, digging, creating . . . this is what has become of my brave first step.

Somedays are still like this. . .

Words! words! words!

But I have found great satisfaction in the wonderful torture that is writing.  And with the indispensable organization that is SCBWI providing resources to grow in my craft and the supportive circle of writers around me I press on. While I endure the steep slope of what it takes to be an author, and a published one at that, I am documenting my journey of discovering the writer within me.  And hopefully the tidbits I pick up along the way will resonate with you as you are discovering the Writer Within You too.

Enjoy Playing with Words!

Starting to get the hang of it!


Other indispensable organizations that have helped me grow my writing:


Sue Santiago has been drawn to books since watching her grandfather run his letter press and cropped-me.jpgfollowing her oldest sister to work at the library. From library volunteer, to teacher, to writer she’s always looking for ways to connect others to good stories.


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