Hope Rising

Haiku Tuesday – Photo credit Nothing Ahead


tall in stature, small in presence
folding, bending, curling, tucking
shrinking smaller still
seeking security of shadow
retreating into recesses
until a wisp of self remains
dissipated by a blown kiss

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

One in 8 Billion

little me
in this great big world
grateful to have a voice
in the mind, in the heart
of the most important people
in this great big world
to me

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Wispy Reminder

There's a wispy sheet of cloud
Just out of arm's reach

It slides to the left
It slides to the right

It turns counterclockwise
Making the world roll sideways

When it hovers above
Like a shifting xray

I feel seen beyond 
My jeans and t-shirt

To the truth of me
In all my shades of gray

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Worth It

even if eternity
is only a moment
of absolute, pure love
that is enough
that is everything

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Scents & Sensuality

Haiku Tuesday
Photo by Lada Rezantseva

Delayed Response

On windy days
my words ride and swirl
dip then climb
before reaching my child's ears
in her reading tree

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Momma Used to Say

You have two ears and one mouth
use them in that proportion

When you're pointing your finger
at someone else,
You're pointing three fingers
back at yourself

Never show up 
empty handed

Mind your manners,
Remember whose you are.

It's good to have lots of friends
but keep your own mind

I cut your sandwich in half
so you can share with a friend without

People can't hear you
if you're yelling at them

Everything's okay when you obey

Did we forget?

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

High Price of Hypocrisy

One side says,
Protect the embryo
And the rights of the shooter

One side says,
All are welcome,
But not white Christians

One side says,
Ban books
Keeps guns

One side says,
Safeguard stories
Censor people

One side says
Love others, unless . . . 
Don't judge, except . . . 

When we lose 
The United in these States of America
The outcome is inevitable

Can there be room
For passion and peace
Uniqueness and unity?

Without the common ground,
Strongest in our overlap,
Divided we will be, deservedly fallen

It's a choice.

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Keep It Simple

Spine Poetry