New High Score

With the breaking blip of light
the pinball machine in my mind
shoots out the first ball for the day

it zips, zings, pings
back and forth
being flung by the bumpers

ideas fling with flurry
scurry, chasing a high score
thoughts zip past trying to catch

that one idea that'll make the machine sing
the rattling rings the victory melody
when at last my mind snags

that story idea. 
Not the one I want to write,
the one I need to write.

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved


Haiku Tuesday

Let’s Sweep

Never mind the issue I had
We swept it under the rug

Never mind the issue you have
We'll sweep that under the rug, too

We'll just sweep
sweep, sweep

'Til the pile is high
Enough to trip over
Break our necks

Then we'll worry
Over those issues
Never more

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

These Hands

There's a pair of older hands
Clacking away on my keyboard

Crinkles and creases, mercilessly dry
Where did their prowess go?

Thicker now, age spots on the horizon
Beyond the power they once yielded

They've realized their true strength
Being lent to another in love, regardless of like

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Little Muse

Being my muse is exhausting work
Beneath my desk
Content to rest at my feet
My faithful pup
Inspires the writer in me

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Rain Dance

Singing In Springtime

It sounds like I am on hold.
Or the ring of a dying phone.
The cell in my hand is silent.
My laptop before me behaves.

Beyond the window a blue bird,
a new-to-me type, plays statue
in the budding young maple.
It hops and warbles a song unfamiliar.

Perhaps it's eaten a robotic worm.
Maybe I'm swallowed by technology.

It's been too long since spring last.
Time to fine tune these ears of mine.

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Careless Poets

Elevates language
Careless poets intimidate,
Torturing meaning beyond comprehension

(c) 2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

Authentically Me

Haiku Tuesday


Ten Word Poetry