Make A Ripple

On September 12, 2001
     I stood before before my class
     of confused and scared third graders
     and lied.
     You are safe here.
     No one wants to hurt school children.
     Columbine was two years past.
     Sandy Hook was yet to come.
     Little children get hurt
     at school.

     I may not have a voice
     with the power to change the world.
     But I can help 
     change someone's world.

     When our president redirects the dialogue
     and politicians point their finger,
     cast your pebble.

     When a kid is bullied or neglected
     don't turn a blind eye,
     cast your pebble.

     When you pray
     and get inspired into action,
     cast your pebble.

     Cast your pebble 
     into the waters 
     where you stand.
     Make a ripple.

     We change the world
     by changing someone's world.
     Cast your pebble.

Gayle Dubowski
In memory of Gayle Dubowski. On the tenth anniversary of her death, alongside four classmates at NIU, 17 more lives were taken and countless changed forever. We now live in a world where most people know someone effected by school shootings and violence. We must do better.


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