I Did This For Me

I did this for me
to protect my sanity when 
littles with legos and Thomas the Train tracks
turned the house into chaos
my mind craved discipline,
tugged by a place unfamiliar.

I did this for me
and a story I wanted told.
Shaping history into his story
was a degree in itself.
It's OK that it sits in the basement
on a shelf in timeout.

Three stories later I do this for me.
It's a surprise to myself
what word pictures and turn of tale
fly from my fingers onto a clicking keyboard.
Sometimes you'll catch me standing
in this world, but living in another.

I do this for me, but also
for them, they're watching me chase my dreams
for her, hoping the story can heal hurts
for joy, childhood should sing of it
for truth wrapped in love freckled with humor.
Yet, it's OK that I do this for me, too.

©2021 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

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