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this is the week i expect
sorrow to creep in and linger
like a shadow i can’t shake

You are My Favorite

Words I needed to hear so I pass them along in case you need to hear them, too..


Inspired while sitting on my deck at my home away from home for the last time this year, listening to the concert of fall sounds.

On Legacy

A poem pondering legacy

#NaNoWriMo2021 #MyWay #poetry

Biography of a Best Friend

Inspired by “Biography of a Beaver” by Deborah Ruddell and Joan Rankin in their picture book “A Whiff of Pine, A Hint of Skunk – A Forest of Poems.”
#NaNoWriMo2021 #PoemADay #Poetry

I am From (#1)

I am from around the table Where words scale the slope Playing King of the Mountain. From squishy tennis balls That spray spiraling slobber, Igniting delight and twirling tails. I am from guitar-strumming, feet-in-the-air, Gather close. You are seen. From comfy, cozy sweater, Soft… Continue Reading “I am From (#1)”

Baby Steps

BIG CHANGES in small steps.
Like the man who bargained
from a red paper clip
to a house.

Mission Accomplished

This is the face of satisfaction: Computer shut mission accomplished satisfied. But it’s really like this: 258 free verse poems roughed it’s an ugly baby right now but it’s complete! And it doesn’t take long to feel like this: What’s next? Reading Wired for… Continue Reading “Mission Accomplished”

5 am on duty

Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm! There’s a rumbly monster outside! It’s getting nearer. Stand guard! It’s getting closer. Louder now! It’s coming for us! Ready? Bark Attack! It’s passing us! We’ve got it running for cover! You better keep going you yellow-bellied giantly… Continue Reading “5 am on duty”