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Where We Meet

The world is getting smaller. As our words stretch to places we may never see, let’s make sure we’re using them to create the community we long to live in.


Brain Dump

Finding it hard to find my post-holiday/pre-holiday focus. Can anybody relate?

A Life’s Oxymoron

I used to know more than I do now. This feels especially especially true as I’m raising my teenagers.

Secret Ingredients

There’s something wonderfully delicious ’bout reading a story in the glow of flashlight. A dash of adventure A whiff of rebel An ounce of escape Stirred in-sync with secrecy These are the things of which world wanderers, book hoppers, word slayers are made below… Continue Reading “Secret Ingredients”

He knew

He planned it for today
I don’t know how He knew
but He did

Word Power

Haiku Tuesday

First Step

Writing is an utter frustration and I can’t help but return to it over and over again

What a Good Pup am I!

My pup takes her jobs very seriously. She most serious about having fun.

Mystic Muse

The mystic muse is hard to chase She never comes when beckoned She dangles ideas, then runs away Hard to get is her game When I match her method Pretend to not care, wander off my course She peeks her nose and plants some… Continue Reading “Mystic Muse”