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A Time to Dance

Writing is an absolute wonderful torture. On days when they’re wonderful, we must harness it, capture it, celebrate it and let it get us through the many days when it’s torture.

This is Joy to Me

Fighting off growing mountains by keeping joy before me.

mining joy

Winter floundering has me mining for joy

simple joy

focusing on simple joy


Sometimes security isn’t

Juxtaposing Battles

Somedays words don’t play nicely. Somedays they refuse to play at all.

Therefore the poemaday today is not a poem, but a stream of consciousness inspired by two juxtaposing battles. (It is rare in this life I lead that I get to use the word juxtapose so I leap at the opportunity!)

Beyond the Shadow’s Edge

Inspired by shadows

White Magic

First poem of the new year.
Happy New Year!
Here’s to a year of joy, health, and magical moments.

Without Serendipity

The good stuff lays in the unexpected

Christmas Caroling

A slant on spine poetry with Christmas Carols