This is Joy to Me

A teenage boy retelling his day
to his dad.
Siblings besting each other,
sounds of disgust,
responded with laughter.
Someone else doing the dishes.
This is joy to me.

A walk through the woods
with four-legged companions.
Exploring roads to somewhere,
anticipating what the next bend holds.
A breath-taking skyscape.
That familiar voice after far too long.
This is joy to me.

When my world shrinks
as molehills grow into mountains 
surrounding me,
I remember the Light.
How it shined brightest
in darkest times.
Praise raises, righting my perspective.
This is joy to me.

That I could wax on about this
'til my candle burned out,
This is a joy to me, too.

©2022 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

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