Category: Poetry

Mystic Muse

The mystic muse is hard to chase She never comes when beckoned She dangles ideas, then runs away Hard to get is her game When I match her method Pretend to not care, wander off my course She peeks her nose and plants some… Continue Reading “Mystic Muse”

The Tree Trunk

What does this tree trunk think while sitting here on this beautiful fall day?


A Haiku


This time of year makes my family strong on my mind. Today I’m thinking about my sisters. ❤

Pondering Hope

while mankind evolves
humanity regresses

An Autumn Full Moon

When Coyote chorus
rings through the forest
calling all critters to revel,

The Autumn Muse


An acrostic about a wonderful month.

Poem-A-Day Challenge

How Do I Remember?

Do I listen to Johnny Cash
while making biscuits and gravy
recalling the line you walked
sometimes a little askew?

I Did This For Me

Just thinking about why I write