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Time to Play

Hello, sweet words. It’s time to play.

Keep It Simple

I’m taking a readcation. Seems like a good time for a little spine poetry fun.

Juxtaposing Battles

Somedays words don’t play nicely. Somedays they refuse to play at all.

Therefore the poemaday today is not a poem, but a stream of consciousness inspired by two juxtaposing battles. (It is rare in this life I lead that I get to use the word juxtapose so I leap at the opportunity!)

Christmas Caroling

A slant on spine poetry with Christmas Carols

Why God Made Dogs

I may have fallen down the photo rabbit hole. I’m a dog person and I don’t deny it. #grateful for my pups

TV-free Time for Tweens

I have a 10 and 13 year old. They have two weeks off. I’ve got stuff to do. They don’t. In an effort to work smarter not harder, I tweaked this list to help keep my sanity at the start of winter break.  Fix… Continue Reading “TV-free Time for Tweens”


A Year in Review. So much to be thankful for. #amwriting #kidlit #Grateful

Patient Companion

Brown pleading eyes so hopeful so earnest. I can hear her thoughts, I’m ready! Just give me the sign! I won’t let you down. She’s distracted. I’m focused. I pick up my pen. She lays by my feet waiting for the inevitable writer’s block.… Continue Reading “Patient Companion”


I have a confession to make. I broke the cardinal rule of writing a rough draft. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had to do it. I read my entire MS. I know, I know. Full steam ahead. No looking back. But I… Continue Reading “Confession”