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Helping Hand

It doesn’t take much to trip myself up sometimes. Thankful for the many helping hands who were there at the right time.

Finding Inspiration

All it takes is one word, one sentence, one idea to get inspired, ideas pour in. Finding that one is hard. But it’s magic when it happens.


Creatives inspire creatives. Listened to Torrey Maldonado talk about interiority must be loud. Got me thinking about my verse novels and got me thinking about Truth.

Confident Woman

a thought as I watch my children growing into the people I wish I’d had the courage to be.

Twelve Tiny Treasures

On this solemn day of the Christian faith, we only sit in sorrow for a moment because we know Sunday’s coming.

Such a Brat

It’s not going to let me be. Is it?

New High Score

Last night I listened to Margarita Engle share about how once she started writing novels in verse she never looked back. Maybe that was the permission I needed to brainstorm. Serendipity?


People are rarely what they seem. What’s your super power?

Let’s Sweep

There’s consequences for addressing conflict and avoiding it. Which do you prefer?

Little Muse

Giving credit where credit is due