Tag: Poetry

Delayed Response

enjoying the simple pleasures of life

High Price of Hypocrisy

There’s a high price for pushing to be right instead of unified

Keep It Simple

I’m taking a readcation. Seems like a good time for a little spine poetry fun.

The Rain Will Come

It’s a hard time to be creative. Isn’t it?

Just Enough

Just Enough is all we need

Seedtime Hope

limping along after a long winter leaves me grasping for hope


Creatives inspire creatives. Listened to Torrey Maldonado talk about interiority must be loud. Got me thinking about my verse novels and got me thinking about Truth.


It’s so hard to call myself an author or poet, yet I can’t help playing with words. Maybe that’s why I’m so moody!

Twelve Tiny Treasures

On this solemn day of the Christian faith, we only sit in sorrow for a moment because we know Sunday’s coming.

Dandelion Seeds

When my heart is heavy with the condition of this world, I must try to be more like dandelion seeds