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Sometimes security isn’t

Beyond the Shadow’s Edge

Inspired by shadows

White Magic

First poem of the new year.
Happy New Year!
Here’s to a year of joy, health, and magical moments.

Without Serendipity

The good stuff lays in the unexpected

Christmas Caroling

A slant on spine poetry with Christmas Carols

Winter Song

starry light, chilled night hear the song of the season whirl on winter breeze ©2021 Sue Santiago all rights reserved

On Faith

Contemplating the challenges of true faith by looking at examples of it.

Out of Range

This winding, meandering journey contains no road maps, no global positioning system with estimated times of arrival. Detours delay or perhaps pave the way to the path unpredicted that can surpass expectations, hopes, even dreams. To overthink and overplan overpacks the space left for… Continue Reading “Out of Range”

First Glance

Problem Solved

Why are the good habits so difficult to maintain while the bad habits so stubborn to loosen? The good can produce pride, the bad can raise shame. Since neither the good nor bad lead to noble character I shall sidestep both, play it safe,… Continue Reading “Problem Solved”