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Problem Solved

Why are the good habits so difficult to maintain while the bad habits so stubborn to loosen? The good can produce pride, the bad can raise shame. Since neither the good nor bad lead to noble character I shall sidestep both, play it safe,… Continue Reading “Problem Solved”

My Secret Weapon

There is little in this world
That makes me scream and claw
As watching my child battle
Her evasive thieves of childhood



Word Power

Haiku Tuesday


This time of year makes my family strong on my mind. Today I’m thinking about my sisters. ❤

Pondering Hope

while mankind evolves
humanity regresses

Why God Made Dogs

I may have fallen down the photo rabbit hole. I’m a dog person and I don’t deny it. #grateful for my pups


An acrostic about a wonderful month.

Poem-A-Day Challenge

I Did This For Me

Just thinking about why I write